In Conversation with God

Dear Diary, 7th April 2024 Today’s mass was quite the rollercoaster, let me tell you. As Father droned on, earnestly asking for the forgiveness of our sins, my mind wandered into uncharted territories. I found myself in a full-blown conversation with Jesus. Yes, right there, in the midst of the consecration. I leaned in and

Rude People

Today at Charles de Gaulle Airport, I found myself in a predicament: defending a seat from an oblivious traveller determined to sit on an unexpected surprise. Laughter ensued, but so did a lesson in humility.


As luck would have it, the guys in front of me were both as bald as eggs, and when Father did the sign of the cross on them with ashes, it was like watching a live-action remake of Tom and Jerry. I swear, for a brief moment..

Day 12: Hail Mary; Holy Mary

Then she took pity on me and said I should punish myself. I said I would say the Hail Mary. Little did I know, it would turn into a marathon of devotion. Normally, I expected her to ask me to say three to ten Hail Marys, but she brought out those beads and asked me to say five decades. I cried because then five decades felt like five million decades.

Day 11: Grumpy Old Lady

I mean who would want to shout on a GenZ singing amid all these Grandmas? I was to be pampered so that I would keep showing up. But, Grumpy Old Lady liked her spot, but she didn’t want to talk to me, so she complained to the choirmaster, who asked her to tell me to move. I waited for her to do as instructed, but she didn’t. The choir master looked at me, I innocently looked away as if I was confused, but stood my sacred ground.

Day 9: Balcony People

The idea that some individuals stand on the ‘balcony’ of our lives, cheering us on, providing positive energy through their affirmations, while others dwell in our ‘basement,’ doing exactly the opposite. Raises the question; are we balcony or basement people?