Day 11: Grumpy Old Lady

I mean who would want to shout on a GenZ singing amid all these Grandmas? I was to be pampered so that I would keep showing up. But, Grumpy Old Lady liked her spot, but she didn’t want to talk to me, so she complained to the choirmaster, who asked her to tell me to move. I waited for her to do as instructed, but she didn’t. The choir master looked at me, I innocently looked away as if I was confused, but stood my sacred ground.

Day 9: Balcony People

The idea that some individuals stand on the ‘balcony’ of our lives, cheering us on, providing positive energy through their affirmations, while others dwell in our ‘basement,’ doing exactly the opposite. Raises the question; are we balcony or basement people?

DAY 4 – Can you pray?

Two days later, my friend, attempting to bring a truce, asked me if I could pray because I never joined any of their prayer meetings. However, I was quick to shut them up on the evil spirit plan. I first did the sign of the cross, thanking my stars that these people deleted me based on all my colours-in-between.

Day 2 – My mum remains the unbeatable champion of all time

During that particular year, my mother could have petitioned for me to be transported on an ostrich’s back if it meant I’d participate in age-appropriate activities. I just couldn’t fathom why children were subjected to so much. I mean, my class teachers were already pushing their luck by urging me to study every day; why add this stress labelled ‘extracurricular’? And birthdays, don’t even get me started on the fuss over parties.