‘Tóyọ̀sí Abíkóyè Kids Foodbank

‘Tóyọ̀sí Abíkóyè, Kids Foodbank? The thoughts of ‘Tóyọ̀sí Abíkóyè, Founder, Kids Foodbank landed on my laps like a virgin land waiting to be ploughed, after the innovative all-in-one new social impact-donating and receiving platform www.helpcentral.ng was launched. Before I found myself in the position to align myself as ‘Tóyọ̀sí Abíkóyè, Founder, Kids Foodbank, I always had to

Errors in the use of semicolons

Errors in the use of semicolons are avoidable! Unfortunately, the two golden rules of the use of the semicolon is an everyday use of the English language punctuation that is commonly ignored. First, semicolons unite highly related thoughts. Instead of using a period to end too many independent short sentences, a semicolon unites the thoughts