‘Tóyọ̀sí Abíkóyè Kids Foodbank

‘Tóyọ̀sí Abíkóyè, Kids Foodbank?

The thoughts of ‘Tóyọ̀sí Abíkóyè, Founder, Kids Foodbank landed on my laps like a virgin land waiting to be ploughed, after the innovative all-in-one new social impact-donating and receiving platform www.helpcentral.ng was launched.

Before I found myself in the position to align myself as ‘Tóyọ̀sí Abíkóyè, Founder, Kids Foodbank, I always had to sit and ponder how a population of over 206,805,814 Nigerians and still counting, would survive in its Nation, when two-thirds of the country’s population lives below the poverty line.

Nigeria’s increasing population below the poverty line isn’t news anymore. We’ve known these figures as facts since primary school, which drives home the point of my goal at Kids Foodbank. Anyone who can afford the necessities of life, particularly food, can share the surplus food items with the poor, rather than have it wasted.

What I mean is, since it is not a sin for people to go hungry – it is unconscionable for us to waste food. Just imagine the surplus we throw away from our households being the meal for a child out there. Would you not have that surplus given out to feed the poor however little? This is the drive behind Kids Foodbank.

I do not think that I am the solution to the tragic condition that afflicts hundreds of thousands of children in Lagos, who stands at the number of millions in Nigeria. Still, I have the most compelling evidence to say that we all cannot just look away. I have seen

hungry children who are helpless from the day they were born.

I have cried many times at the sight of children who could be fed from the surplus we waste at home.

I have proof that food wasted around our cities can be collected and given to poor children who need food desperately.

Fortunately for me, I am also here to say, we are the solution!

I feel grossly inadequate to think that I am capable of doing anything good all by myself. Yes, I am a common good apologist, and Yes, I am involved in a few projects and everything that sounds good to my ears to help and promote humanity. But I never for once stop to think that I, ‘Tóyọ̀sí Abíkóyè, will just become Founder, Kids Foodbank just like that, without my knowing it.

Then, a great man who coined this whole concept and by fate set me up to do it, said to me, “Tóyọ̀, you can do this. Own it! Imagine ‘

Tóyọ̀sí Abíkóyè, Founder, Kids Foodbank. Step out and do this for the children with your chest. Your heavenly father will be so proud of you”.

At first, I did not see the big picture. The phrase ‘Tóyọ̀sí Abíkóyè, Founder, Kids Foodbank frightened the living daylights out of me. Yet, I was motivated to carry out this good cause with all of my guts in my name.

But, is this for my name?

I always enjoy Mother Theresa of Calcutta teachings that ‘I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things’. I have started this small little thing with great passion, and I hope we all transform our surplus from waste to food for people in our world so hungry, God cannot appear to them except in the form of food. 

On the whole, this is to say that it is never to my name; never for my name, but the name Tóyọ̀sí Abíkóyè is a constant reminder that I am here to serve. I would have called myself Peter Pan, but neither am I here to steal. I am just here to collect what you give and be that voice that says NO to WASTE. So, what do I call myself? 

Tóyọ̀sí of what? of Lagos!

So dear diary, to summarize my added responsibilities to you, is that I am here to;

  • collect food for children in need.
  • ask, do you have surplus food to give away?
  • plead that rather than you throw away food, let us feed homeless children with it; and
  • request that you join my campaign to feed hungry children.

Give! Volunteer! @https://www.helpcentral.ng/campaign/kids_foodbank

To read more on Nigeria’s population and poverty line statistics, read more at: https://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/nigeria-population and https://www.vanguardngr.com/2019/10/nigerias-increasing-population-and-child-malnutrition/

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