Day 5 – My ode to Fear!


Dear Diary, “12 Days of Christmas”: Day 5/12 – My Ode to fear

 December 17, 2023. 

In the shadows of our fears, a dance with failure we weave,

An intricate bind, a challenge we fail to perceive.

A daunting force,both fierce and near,

Yet within itsgrasp, the seeds of courage appear.


The fear of stumbling on paths untrodden,

In hesitation, failure’s call is often sodden.

Uncertain steps, an uncharted view,

Yet each stumble births strength anew.


The fear of the unknown, a shroud of doubt,

We wallow, chained, our voices a muted shout.

Dreams in the shadows, a silent blame,

Yet within failure, resilience takes its name.


The fear of friends’ triumphs, a distance we maintain,

Becoming anti-social, a shield against disdain.

A self-inflicted spoof, fear’s cruel jest,

Yet in unity, courage finds its best.


The fear of sounding less than good, a stifled voice,

In silence, the echoes of failure rejoice.

Fear of judgment, a cage of our own,

Yet in breaking free, true strength is sown.


The fear of lacking trust, a reflection of self,

In self-made prisons, potential finds stealth.

Doubting intellect, willingly we fall,

Yet in rising, we surpass failure’s call and break free from our prisons.


The fear of what our dreams might achieve,

A shame that makes us desperately grieve.

Thoughts locked away, wild imaginations confined,

Yet within, innovation is intricately entwined.


The fear of uncertainty, life treated as fear,

A timid existence we hold dear.

But fear not, for within each stumble, a guide,

A chance to learn, grow, in shadows to confide.


Embrace the fall, the fumble, the stumble,

For in failure’s dance, resilience will not crumble.

Even with thehispers of defeat, echoes so discreet,

Rise once again, success to sweetly meet.


Fear and failure are constants in life’s grandeur,

Yet within, courage finds its tenure.

Dare to face the shadows, break the tether,

For in overcoming fear, we rise altogether with a chuckle.


This new week – let us rise and do it all even though we are afraid.

My ode to fear

My ode to fear

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