Victoria, mummy is coming!

Victoria, Mummy is coming. Now, my mum is the Onijogbon-General of Gbogbo-Agbaye, the only civilian Dictator, who is more military than her Naval Officer husband.  This woman has skills even the devil dabs to! She can detect lies from a million radius; embarrass you before any crowd. She manufactures domestic chores just like the way God

Errors in the use of semicolons -

Errors in the use of semicolons

Errors in the use of semicolons are avoidable! Unfortunately, the two golden rules of the use of the semicolon is an everyday use of the English language punctuation that is commonly ignored. First, semicolons unite highly related thoughts. Instead of using a period to end too many independent short sentences, a semicolon unites the thoughts

My Revamp Story

Life has dealt with me so well; I would call myself one of the privileged few. I never had a thing to worry about, and my life moved at the pace every parent would want their child to succeed. I have no complaints about life. None at all. I journeyed through life, succeeding at every