Dear Diary; KEEP THE BODY, TAKE THE MIND! In other words, break the will to resist

Dear Diary: October 1, 2018

I am so grateful i was born FREE!!!

*This is the story of Rufus – Uwuakhuahen Akenkpaye Ewuare Akenzua XII – the Prince from Africa.*

He won’t even bow to Sir Joshua John Ward. This made him furious as Rufus was constantly in his way, stopping him from mistreating slaves. He had to do something. So he schemed with his friend to make Rufus an example to other slaves.

In no time, Rufus was indicted for breaking a law. This was not uncommon as such slave was sold for eighty dollars and a half, but Rufus was not sold. He was rather tied to a tree and whipped daily.

I saw Rufus hung for days, without food or water. Exposed by day to the scorching sun, and by night to the stinging myriads of mosquitoes and there was nothing I could do about it. No mercy was spared. I just watched from a distance, praying for my Prince.

The flesh on the body of Rufus the Negro was beaten to a jelly. One shoulder bone now laid bare, he couldn’t even scream anymore. Yet Rufus will not dare bow to his master, he stood blameless and innocent of the charge preferred against him. I believed him.

I sneaked to tend to his wounds, there were grievous uncountable cuts to his head from a club.

Around his neck was indentation of the cords, by which he had been confined to the tree.

Lifeless, he still stood before my eyes on the 12th day of this torture with the dignity of a King deign to be, even after been scourged to the point of death. He breathes! I was silently happy.

On the 13th day, Rufus’s hands and feet was finally tied to four different horses. Then his tormentor light him on fire, allowing the horses go in different direction, till the Negro body tears apart into a billion thousand pieces.

I cried, fainted and was revived.

Unbreakable Silence reigned on the plantation.

My spirit rebelled against the unjustness that had been inflicted upon Rufus, it was impossible to forgive this kind of cruelty.

Sir Joshua John Ward gained control over our minds by instilling the fear of God, making us obedient and submissive animals, never to think ourselves as HUMANS (never royalty) or runaway.

Only one mean, wicked, sinister and terrible person was capable of this in the whole of West Indies. His name, Sir Willie Lynch, the most wicked British slave owner. He was so wicked the word “lynch” was derived from his name.


The school bell rings and class disperse

*I woke up*

Miss Sazzy screams after the departing students, see you next Tuesday and all assignment must be submitted, no excuses!

Thank goodness, i have been sleeping.

PS: The names are absolutely fictional, just a little bit of truth in them.

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